Ben de Guzman Birthday Fundraiser

Help me help our Veterans for my birthday!

I’ve never been one to have my birthday to myself. As a #TwinAmerican right from the start, I’ve always shared my birthday with at least one other person (Hi, Roland!). I’ve have actually made made fun of for making a bigger deal of my birthday than what others think appropriate- I chalk it up to singletons who don’t understand my experience as a #TwinAmerican. 
But knowing that my birthday isn’t just about me has always made it easier to ask for money on my birthday for causes I hold dear. This year, I will be in the Bay Area celebrating my birthday and attending my Homecoming at my alma mater, UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). In the spirit of service and nostalgia, I am looking to raise $1994 for the year I graduated college for the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (FilVetREP).

For those of you who know me, you know that this is a defining professional and personal cause. It’s been a labor of love and an honor to serve Filipino WWII veterans and see the gratitude in their eyes as we fight for equity and recognition for them.

$1994 will help advance our Education Program to make sure their legacy will be passed down to future generations as an American story of public service and sacrifice.


A donation of $1000 will help our Chair Major General Tony Taguba travel to one of the locations where we are holding our Regional Congressional Gold Medal Presentations.


A donation of $94 for my Class of ’94 will meet the costs incurred to making sure that one veteran can receive a replica of the Congressional Gold medal with the attendant dignity his service to our country deserves.


But really any amount will help our veterans, so I hope you can join my Birthday campaign for our veterans. Thanks for your interest in our veterans!

Please donate to our cause

The mission of The Filipino Veterans Recognition And Education Project (FilVetREP) is to raise awareness through academic research and public education and obtain national recognition of the Filipino-American WWII soldiers for their wartime service to the United States and Philippines from July 1941 to December 1946.

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